Report a Concern/Incident

How to refer a student or report incidents at UW-Madison including hate, bias, sexual assault, hazing, students you are concerned about and other types of incidents.

Our promise to support you

At UW-Madison, we recognize that deciding to refer a student or report an incident and choosing how to move forward can be difficult decisions. It is your choice to report an incident, and know that the Office of Student Assistance and Support promises to support you during this process.

All referrals and reports made to our office will be taken seriously and information will be provided to the proper office for investigation.

Types of reporting and referrals

Student of concern

Any student displaying behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful or disrupts the learning of others.

Report student concern

Sexual Assault

Get support and resources for healing and recovery regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Confidential support is also available.

Report a sexual assault

Dating/Domestic Violence

A type of sexual misconduct. A single act or ongoing pattern of abusive behaviors that exert control and power over a significant other.

Report dating/domestic violence

Missing student

A student who suddenly stops attending classes, activities, misses an exam, or stops responding to communications.

Report a missing student

General Concerns

General concerns impacting your success as a student at UW-Madison.

Report a general complaint/concern

Bias concern

Including slurs, degrading language, epithets, graffiti, symbols, assault, microagressions, and harassment.

Report bias concern


Any activity that a person is expected to join or participate in that humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers regardless of willingness to participate.

Report hazing


A type of sexual misconduct. Behavior patterns directed at a specific person that causes serious emotional distress or fear for physical safety.

Report Stalking

Accessibility barriers

Including physical or digital barriers that prevent access for
individuals with disabilities.

Report an accessibility barrier

Types of misconduct

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards are the people who help guide faculty, staff and students through these situations. Whether its a feeling that cheating might have taken place, or something more serious, misconduct is typically handled in two ways: Academic or Non-Academic.

Report academic misconduct      Report non-academic misconduct

Academic complaints

While the Office of Student Assistance and Support assists students with personal matters, Academic Deans assist students with academic matters pertaining to their respective School or College.

Common issues that an Academic Dean can help with include:  changing majors, classroom concerns, late drops or withdrawals, grade disputes and more.

Report an academic complaint

Faculty and Staff

Guides, resources and information for UW-Madison faculty and staff to help support students experiencing personal issues including how to talk to students you are concerned about, addressing disruptive behavior and verbal de-escalation.

A professor teaches a lecture course.


Office of Student Assistance and Support

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